About Me

I'm a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in the middle of nowhere and loves reading, writing, and music. I also like food, which is the main reason for starting this blog. Baking, especially muffins, and seeing other people enjoy them makes me happy. :) If you're more into books than baking, check out my other blog, Put Your Soul On Paper: http://yoursoulonpaper.blogspot.com

About The Blog

My muffin-baking adventures all started one day when I woke up in a ridiculously good mood. After annoying all of my teammates by being ridiculously perky at our early-morning golf practice, one of them made the following comment: "She's just so happy today, like - 'It's just such a good day, I'm in such a good mood, here, do you want a muffin?'" I'm not sure why she associated muffins with happiness, but in retrospect it made sense. Inspired by this comment, I went home and baked muffins, and they helped me continue my great mood into the afternoon. Ever since then, I've been searching out muffin recipes and baking them, and I've found some really great recipes.

I started this blog because the only thing I love more than baking muffins is sharing them, and while I can't share actual muffins with everyone on the internet (no matter how much I want to) I can share the amazing recipes I've found, along with the random bursts of cheeriness that muffins always give me.

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